Sunday, September 12, 2010


 I figured.. what the heck.. I'll put up a picture so you have an idea of the farm. 

 Still nothing set in stone.. even semi set jello would be some sort of progress. 
Interesting thing about this too.. by changing the south field.. it could almost spell out u r screwed.

 Sometimes life has just wicked dark humor.


  1. It looks to be a beautiful piece of property. Does your Mom raise crops or animals on it at this time?

  2. I see the U and r... but screwed?

    Thats alot of green there btw :)

  3. Currently, the fields are alfalfa. The asparagus patch is here.. and escaped asparagus grows along all the fence lines. Orchards are in the forested area under the r ( it is a valley there, to hilly to till, but fine for the fruit trees.)

    Aside from the alfalfa, on this property are groves of black walnut, wild black raspberries (one of the few things that defies juglone), elderberry, apples, pears, plums, wild grapes, raspberries, wild mushrooms (puffball, chanterelle, morel.. there are others, but these are the only ones I can positively ID and we collect).. not sure if the currants, gooseberry and blueberry survived the relocation there though.

    Only domestic livestock is the neighbor's who maintains the fencing in exchange for grazing his cows in the orchards. His great great (might be another great) grandparents originally owned the land and built the farmhouse. We found their pictures when the farmhouse was restored, restored the pictures and they are displayed in the house.

  4. To give you an idea of the age.. the barn (which is crumbling).. is made from hand hewn timber.

    Down side.. tick central. The other farm has neighbors with guineas that wander everywhere. This farm.. several herd of whitetail deer, several flocks? of wild turkey. One band of mischievous turkey live on an old tractor that has been reclaimed by the woods..really close to the house. We've been chased into the house a few times by that group's tom. Then he spends the next hour challenging his reflection in the glass storm door.

    You can see our old neighbor's driveway.. yeah, that's not a road, that's his driveway.. which is why he'd be shut in all winter before we got the place.

    The wild poultry would make it impossible to have unmedicated domestic poultry. Also the rattle snakes are a bit pesky... and then the usual of assorted predators.. coyote, fox, hawks.. and judging from our dogs and the in town running joke of my Mom driving up with all the windows down as the grocery store clerks kindly run out tons of tomato juice in industrial sized cans.. more than a few skunks. BTW.. tomato juice.. does not really work.

  5. I have to say, it sounds like heaven to me....minus the skunks. I had to pull all our onions a bit early this year due to the weather and have been worried about skunks getting into them as they lay drying on our patio and porch. A couple more days and I'll be in the clear.