Monday, September 13, 2010

Beekeepers Renting Property

 Commercial operations of beekeeping are hired to set up and maintain their hives for farmers, but then there are the avid beekeepers who's hobby has expanded beyond their yards. If you have the space and the flower power, but not the resources or zeal to take up tackling hives, try looking for local bee clubs.

 The bee clubs are a wonderful and often unknown resource. If you have a rogue swarm, look for local beekeepers before contemplating calling an exterminator. Honeybees are really too useful to unnecessarily smite. Bee clubs are all going to be different, have various levels of expertise, various sizes.. you get the idea. Calling them to see if they want the swarm can benefit both you and them. Your bees get removed (usually free of charge), the beekeepers get a new colony (and new genetic stock), and the bees get a lease on life.

 What is also not very well known.. is that sometimes beekeepers are needing a place to put extra hives (hive splits, not enough blooms in an area which requires relocating hives, etc.) Sometimes they will pay with a percentage of honey to rent land to put their hives.

 It does entirely depend on the beekeepers in your area, but you won't know unless you ask. If someone is interested, they will ask to see the property. Things that they would be looking for:
  • minimally disturbed area - a quiet location where the hive will not be in the way
  • pollen providers - what is blooming, when it is blooming, and how much is available
  • water sources - pond, water trough, stream, bucket.. you get the idea. the girls gotta drink
  • safety - pesticides, predators, protection from the elements.. they don't want their bees poisoned so what chemicals you do use, have used, intend on using in you yard.. they need to know. 
 The beekeepers maintain the hives.. so they need access.

 This isn't something for everyone, and zoning rules must be minded.. but it is a potential possibility.. especially for those with large yards, vacant lots, etc.

 If you are lucky, you have a bee club/ beekeepers near you.. check them out.. support them.



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