Monday, September 20, 2010

Lots of cooking and sorting

 It was in the mid 90's today and the realization of a lot of the veggies from the garden that I froze.. are going to have to be eaten. 

 Yes.. we are going to make the move. Not only do we have 1 person wanting to rent.. but now a second. The first one would be able to move in as soon as 10 days from now.. but that timeline is too soon for us.

 So today I collected more seeds.. always collecting seeds.. and tinned out the second crop of lettuces, beets, swiss chards and carrots. The green beans and tomatoes are still in overdrive and the zucchini is showing signs of slowing down.

 Despite the heat.. I entered into cooking and baking mania. Spiced zucchini bread, banana struessel muffins, herbed parker house rolls and a dried tomato and roasted garlic bread... I about died from the heat baking today.

 Dinner tonight is still in the works. I needed to take a quick break from standing and chopping before my back totally freaked out. I have the pork chops in brine.. they were cut from a tenderloin roast. (the roast is huge... huuuuuuuuuuuge.. so several other pork dishes are on the menu this week).  Mixed baby greens with creamy garlic and herb dressing.. gazpacho.. garlic/ginger green beans, Au gratin potatoes, roasted root vegetables all to go with the pork chops. Dessert is double chocolate cherry cake.. which this time I am hoping lasts longer than 2 days with all of the other things I made.

 Even though I swore I wasn't ever going to make several stock pots worth of green chili.. break out the gloves as I caved. The weather is supposed to dip down to the 70's in just a few days... relief! I will tackle it then. My husband's buddy will bring the roasted peppers and offered to help us move if I'd make him some green chili.

 A lot of veggies on the menu, which is typical for us for summer.. but even more so now. Even though  I have been sharing most of the tomatoes.. I still have 15 pounds of it to tackle and a ton more in various stages of ripening. 

 One of the guys that wants to move in is into gardening. He wants our place in part because of the size of the yard compared to the other places.. and the raised beds.. and the back garden. When he found out I have artichokes.. he flipped. Now.. he just has to mulch them in well so they survive winter.. and if he does then he'll have a lovely treat next summer. Right now he'll already have an assortment of things he can pick over winter.

 Ok.. break time over.. from the smell of it I need to go check on the cake. My daughter has already devoured a huge salad and 2 bowls of gazpacho with some rolls (and has announced she is holding out for a small piece of cake). Time to make the rest of dinner so it'll be done when my husband gets home.

 I am hoping at some point while I am sorting.. I can find where my husband put the camera.

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  1. Oh, that sounds like a very fine meal that you made for dinner. Congratulations on the move decision. You are going to be so very busy this fall.