Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Queen Bumblebee

 So I just took this picture a few minutes ago.. a Queen Bumblebee. She's huge.. I mean absolutely massive. Recall the biggest bumblebee you have ever seen and multiply that by 3.

 I thought it was a bird when I saw her out of the corner of my eye. When I saw it was a Bumble Queen.. I flew into the house to grab my camera. I only got a few shots before the camera died.. and most of them are with me perched at the edge of the raised bed sticking my arm into the flowers and hoping to heck she was in the frame.

 If she was to land on you.. you'd feel it without a doubt. Where the other bumblebees can land on the cosmos and not make the flower move much.. when she landed on them they tilted over.

 I wish this fat and sassy Queen a long and very productive life!

Another bumblebee for comparison..


  1. Are you sure the bottom bee is the same type of bumbler? I was under the impression there are a few varieties out there.

  2. The bottom one is totally a different species. The tri-colored one is Bombus ternarius.

    It was a whopper.. the body was over an inch and made the honey bees look like runts. So while the other bees and bumblebees could land and the flower wouldn't move.. this one.. the flowers bent over.