Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Designing a Garden Journal

 So I am also in the process of designing a garden journal as none of the ones I have found quite fit my needs. Printing companies are able to make quite a few things beyond manuals and booklets for company presentations. 

 This way, I can organize and keep track of everything in a personalized arrangement that suits my needs and tailors to my goals.

 So far these are some of the things I want in it.. 
  1. at least a 5 year journal.. ideally a 10 year
  2. tabs at the beginning of each year
  3. spot on daily entries for weather high/low
  4. track harvest
  5. each year separate section of pages to track 
  • seeds purchased.. amount, company, price
  • germination rates
  • tracking of cuttings/ grafts/ etc.
  • tracking transplants.. when started, varieties, when repotted, when fertilized, etc.
  • pests and diseases
  • crop and cover crop rotations
  • applications of composts, fertilizers, teas, etc.

 I am probably missing a few things, but I still have time to refine it and figure out what pictures I want to use in it. I probably am going to use pictures on the tab pages that separate the years. Enough room for each day to keep track of turning compost, when things are planted, when they bloom, etc.

 If you can think of something that I should add.. please tell me! : )

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  1. That actually looks like a very complete and concise list. Keeping better tract of such things in this manner is something I need to work harder at.