Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I think that's a yes...

 Everything seems to be lining up and I just hope this is the right move. Let's just hope all the ducks stay in line.

 Aside from the mountainous list of what needs to get done.. I am also ticking off a list of what needs to be done there if we can make it before it snows. Attacking roughly 1 acre of asparagus bed run wild.. planting garlic.. build cold frames and raised beds..  I feel like even if I was there now I might not have enough time to do everything I want.

 I can feel time slipping past. I think that is a gardener's quirk.. watching the passage of time so intently. 

 The weather is holding out here and trying to keep up with the tomatoes is getting challenging. Speaking of which.. I need to make another vat of salsa and salsa verde. Although my husband "doesn't like the taste of raw tomatoes".. salsa is a different story. If I make it spicy enough to liquefy asphalt.. he's in heaven.

 No doubt he'll miss wandering down to the neighbor's testosterone sanctuary (he converted the garage into an "only men" zone. Pool table, flat screen, fridge.. whole nine yards.) and hanging out while they devour food so spicy they cough the second it is in their mouth.. and deny it effects them. Tears are attributed to allergies or smoke in their eyes. A fraternity of the demented.

 I will have to learn about guinea hens.. and quick. Happily that shouldn't be too difficult as a neighbor at the other farm has them. Poultry 101.. always pleasant to learn hands on and with a seasoned pro's guidance. Gotta tackle the ticks.. or buy a hazmat suit.I can deal with a lot.. but ticks are one of those things that give me the heebie jeebies.

Back to work I go.. the sun is setting and the bees have wandered off.


  1. Ticks are no big deal, really you feel em and pick them off. I got to where I don't pay them any mind. The ones that spread the fever are very very rare. Like chiggers you build up an immunity to them and they will get to the point they don't even hook into you much.

    As for guineas let me tell ya one fact my father and I learned years ago. The males will live very happily together for years as long as there are no hens around. The second fact is that it is very hard for a layman to tell a drake from a hen without catching one. The third fact is that when you introduce 15 hens and one drake to a group made up of 3 drakes it gets interesting VERY fast...

  2. LOL I bet it got interesting! They seem quite entertaining, as long as you don't mind the noise.

    Oh, I am all too familiar with ticks. I don't jump when I see them, and am used to removing them off our dogs.. just if you want to see me completely freak out.. that kicks in when I find one on my scalp..other than that, no problem.

    When I was a kid, we'd spend our summers there. Back then the dogs would come in with just a few ticks.. now.. dozens in a few hours.

    The poultry gang would have more than they could ever hope for to devour. Also boxelder bugs, by the tens of thousands.. asian beetles.. and Japanses beetles have made an appearance.

    We've hatched geese and raised them for a few weeks before they went to my friend's grandparents' farm, but that's it on domestic poultry. Rest of my bird experience is rearing wild birds, budgies and cockatiels.

  3. As someone who has considered getting guinea hens in the past I am looking forward to hearing more about them.